Taking a holistic design approach, we infuse the client's tastes and lifestyle into the function of the home. It is vital that a home be representative of its owners and so we make every effort to build a relationship with our clients in order to understand who they are and how they want their home to support them.

It is truth and our safe place. Home is the center hub of every family and where we do our best living—and dreaming. 

We believe home should demonstrate comfort and reflect the people who live in it.

Design Services

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Are you looking to decorate your home or furnish a new build? We coordinate furnishings and finishes to complete your space. For each new project, we develop a custom concept with layout plans that are in line with your personality and lifestyle. We also source all:

●  Home Furnishings
●  Window Treatments
●  Decorative Accessories
●  Lighting
●  Custom Framed Photos

All recommendations are presented to you in our design meeting where you approve or decide to make any changes necessary.

Each space is designed with you in mind and is guided by your vision. With handpicked pieces, no detail is overlooked. 

INVESTMENT: Calculated based on scope of work.

Interior Decorating


Not in our area? Not a problem. Distance doesn’t stop us from providing personal service. This package is great for a single room redesign or two. We work with existing furniture or start with a blank canvas. Designs are usually completed within 2-3 weeks.

In our E-Design service, you take the lead. We equip you with everything you need to execute your design plan.

What's Included:
●  2 initial design concept/mood boards 
●  1 final room design (2D Room Render)
●1 dimensioned space plan and furniture layout with 1 revision
●  1 online product source guide with links
●  Set-up instructions and installation plan
●  1 hour follow-up design meeting

Everything is handed over to you to order and install.

INVESTMENT: $1,350.00



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Virtual Consult $190 (1 Hour)

For homeowners who have decided to embark on the remodel journey solo but don’t know where to start, a design consult may be the answer. This is a standalone service to provide actionable advice (verbal solutions only) to help you develop the vision for your home.

We introduce new solutions that address your design challenges. You'll receive guidance on establishing a mood, space planning, color consulting, finish selections, organization and support and guidance. We can suggest recommended suppliers and products.

The consult fee will be credited towards your design project should you decide to use The Bungalow Cottage to transform your space.

INVESTMENT: $150 - $190/hr

Design Consultation


In-Person Consult $300 (2 Hours)

Our Process

discovery call

With any design project, there is a big investment in time from both parties. Depending on your design needs, we will be working very closely with one another and building a long-term relationship. As the designer, it's my job to get to know who you are. Therefore, a free 30 minute discovery call is scheduled where you can introduce yourself and briefly tell us about your design project. We collect your contact information and discuss the services we offer and our signature process. We also ask you to share your intended investment. All of this assists us in determining if we are a good fit for one another and whether we can move on to the Consultation.


Days prior to the consult, we ask you to complete an in-depth Design Questionnaire, and we send you a link to a Pinterest board equipped with sections for each room; specific to your project scope. During a 1-hour virtual meeting for e-design or a 2-hour in-person meeting for locals, your submissions help us define the goals and objectives for the project. With it, we explore how you want your environment to support you. At the start, we ask you to walk us through your home. All decision makers should be present at this time. Our Contract and Fee Agreement will follow. Once signed and the retainer received, usually 50%, we move to the next phase in the process.


In the concept design phase, measurements are taken of all rooms involved. This can take a full day, depending on the square footage. We focus on exploring several design schemes that propose different space plans, furniture layouts, and color schemes. We also choose preliminary materials and finishes. This phase in the design process can take up to several weeks to produce; depending on the project scope. In the end, we pull it all together to prepare for our initial presentation where we go over each design idea and narrow down any options. If you have revisions, we take these into consideration and make any necessary changes. Throughout the progress of the project we will continue to review your preferences to ensure we are always meeting your goals.


In the design development phase we get specific and narrow down our options to one design scheme. Any revisions you have made will be represented here. We liaise with other consultants, if necessary, to develop detailed room elevations, plans and layouts and incorporate specifications for materials, fixtures, appliances, and any relevant code information into the project. Every detail is considered. We meet with trades and suppliers/manufacturers and include their recommendations in the design. We then source the exact furniture, paint colors, artwork and all decorative items to provide samples when preparing for our next presentation.


Once you approve the final designs, we can begin sourcing and ordering items. Depending on whether you have requested bespoke/custom items, this may take time to manufacture and deliver. In the meantime, we schedule and coordinate any trade work required. If light construction is necessary, we make regular visits to the site to observe the work being carried out by your contractor and to answer any questions that may arise. As items ship, our receiving warehouse will inspect them for damages and store them safely and securely until we are ready for installation.


You made it! The journey is over. Install day is here. This is the most exciting phase in the process. The moment you get to see all of the elements come together. The endless months or years of waiting are now over. You finally get to experience your new space. We deliver all furniture and decor to your home and supervise the installation, ensuring everything has been installed as specified. The day after installation is complete, we’ll schedule a photo shoot for our professional photographer to document our work in your space. We love sharing those final images with you to highlight the transformation that you and your home have gone through. All invoices, warranty information, cleaning and care guides are packaged up conveniently into a final goodbye packet.

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