At the center of any family is the home; the gathering place where memories are created, where we rest after a long day’s work, where we nourish our bodies and experience some of life’s firsts. Although ever-changing by our travels, the surrounding environment, and the traditions and customs relevant to the time; it will always be true to those who call it home.

At The Bungalow Cottage, we are a boutique interior design studio influenced by the natural environment. While we are based in Bermuda, we partner with clients across the Caribbean and around the world. Our interiors incorporate sustainable materials and gravitate towards a global yet serene and organic aesthetic.

Through thoughtful design, we create relaxed and luxurious spaces for purpose-driven people and inspire families to live better lives. Each project is a journey of discovery for our clients. We take a holistic approach and listen to their desires, explore their tastes and learn what inspires them so we can design a space that serves them.

We believe a home should reflect the people who live in it, so we attentively layer each home with items that have personal meaning and support our clients along their journey. Through textures, furnishings and custom features, we elevate the home to truly express who they are. To us, creating a loved home means everything and is the foundation for a beautiful life. 

Who We Are

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Exploring innovative concepts in an evolving industry to ensure each space is pure, personal and timeless.


creative vision

Creating inviting and exceptional interiors that capture the essence of your true nature.


authentic spaces

Designing a richer environment by consciously selecting materials that enhance your overall well-being.


sustainable solutions

Partnering with architects, contractors, suppliers, vendors and you, the client to create a cohesive space.


collaborative planning

Defining the design process, employing honest communication and adhering to the highest ethical standards.


Operating with Integrity

Our Design Philosophy

Undertaking a design project can be overwhelming for anyone. We offer Interior Decorating, and E-Design Services and guide our clients through the process from the beginning planning stages right through to accessorizing and styling. We also offer standalone Design Consultations for those who decide to take the lead on their design journey but who would like a little direction.

Good design balances form and function and should be rooted in improving your quality of life. For this reason, we meticulously evaluate our clients’ existing space to develop unique design concepts. We provide a wide array of solutions including space planning, custom cabinetry, custom furniture, kitchen and bath design, furniture and materials sourcing, lighting, window coverings, styling, and turn-key installation.

If your values align with ours, contact us for a consultation and share with us all your design needs. We want to help you create a space where you can build wonderful memories with family and friends and begin to live a purposeful life. Interior design isn’t just about pretty spaces; it’s about designing a space that sparks transformation.

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What We Do

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The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.

Hey there! I’m Michelle Samuels, saying hello from sunny Bermuda, alongside my handsome, green-eyed husband and two beautiful daughters whom I call my wildflowers.

In 2018, I decided to take a leap of faith and begin building a more fulfilling life that allowed me freedom and family time. That realization led me to my true passion—interior design. Two years later, with the support of my family, a few design courses and the determination to create the life I’ve always dreamed of, I opened my design studio. As a young girl, I always enjoyed designing, rearranging and organizing anything I could get my hands on. From the dollhouse to the big house. I made furniture for my dolls and rearranged pieces in my family home to suit whatever moment we found ourselves in. My ultimate goal was to make it feel ‘right’. And by right I mean, creating balance and harmony. It’s a feeling within us that draws us towards things that bring us peace.

Born and raised in Bermuda with roots planted in the Caribbean (Antigua and Barbuda to be specific), I am very much an island girl at heart. It is so much a part of who I am and how I live. The culture is rich and the people full of life. The principles on which I stand today are guided by my upbringing. My life’s philosophy is based on how the majority of islanders live (no matter the hemisphere)—a carefree, genuine and true-to-self way of life.

As Designer and Creative Director at The Bungalow Cottage, my commitment is clear. Everyday I strive to help families create an inspired and meaningful life. The way I do this is through one of our most important investments —the home. Through my multicultural background and global travels (Spain, Italy, Budapest, Belize, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago to name a few) my perspective on design is elevated to newer heights and influenced by my love for learning about people and cultures.

When you decide to bring me along on your design journey, here’s what you get: an honest reflection on the direction we take, commitment to quality, a creative and fun spirit, flexibility, an adventure, compassion and understanding, and with my degree in Business, a level of professionalism and a meticulous attention to detail like no other.

Designer + Creative Director



Making the decision to build, renovate or furnish your dream home is a big investment—but it’s an investment in you. An opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and to transform your life.  We understand that by inviting us into your home you are entrusting us with access to your most prized possessions. Let us reassure you that your vision is our vision and our ultimate goal is to design a space that serves you. Get ready to be transformed.

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Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. 

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A boutique interior design studio specializing in residential projects that encourage happiness, increase productivity and influence a better quality of life. Interior design grounded in the Bermuda and Caribbean lifestyle.